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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Thrifted Fabric and the Scrap Exchange

Yesterday, I went to the Scrap Exchange, a nonprofit creative reuse center in Durham, North Carolina whose mission is to promote creativity, environmental awareness, and community through reuse. I had an amazing experience. After looking at all the interesting pieces of metal and plastic, packages of glass bottles, an old Hammond B Organ, an out-of-tune piano, records, calendars, and "wood sticks looking for a new purpose," I found the fabric section. 

It was so exciting! The rolls of fabric were beautiful and quirky and everything in between. I found some great fabric that I bought, a vintage pattern from the 60s, a zipper for 50¢, and thread for 75¢. 

The tree fabric is a thicker, canvas-y (not quite) cotton that would be perfect for a kid's play blanket or a picnic blanket. I think I'm going to find another fabric, either waterproof, or something like that, and edge it with bias tape to make a fun picnic blanket. I imagine it would be a great blanket to take out to the mall (the central green area on campus) and hang out with friends and eat a picnic lunch. 

My friend, Martha, actually was the one to spot the filing cabinet stuffed full of vintage sewing patterns and found this beauty. This was made back when patterns came in one size, so I'll probably have to do some adjustments with that. The sizes also seem to run really small to me (even for sewing sizes). Isn't the hair great? I want to make the one in the middle, though my pant legs will probably be slightly slimmer. I think I could dress the jumpsuit up with pearls and heels and cute hair, but generally (at least now), jumpsuits are worn more casually with flip flops or sandals. 

I also found half a yard of this really fun vegetable print (I know, I'm crazy). I think it could make a sunshiney apron and could make a unique housewarming gift. The colors of the vegetables just really pop. 

This rose pattern is also about half a yard. I'll probably make an apron with it, as well. 

Right now, I'm working on figuring out how to use the sewing machine that I am borrowing from a friend, so until I get it figured out, I'll be working on my knitting. 

I'm knitting another In Threes Baby Sweater, for 0-6 months in a dark winey-purple, with new yarn from Downtown Knits in Apex, NC. Pictures will follow shortly.

Happy Wednesday!


Ruth Warren said...

Hi Rose!

Thank you so much for your blog about your recent trip to The Scrap Exchange. We'd love to share this link on our Facebook page. I also wanted to let you know of a FREE sewing group we have to help you along on those sewing projects. Sew Night is every second and fourth Thursday, from 6-9 pm right here at The Scrap Exchange. Expert seamstress Christine Ramsey hosts the evening and helps everyone out with their projects. Come join us! And thanks again for sharing your creativity through your blog.
Ruth Warren
Marketing and Promotions Coordinator at The Scrap Exchange

Rose said...

Hi Ruth!

Thank you so much for your comment. You can definitely share the link to this blog post on your Facebook page. I'll come to the next Sew Night. It sounds like a great time to connect with other seamstresses. Thank you again.