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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Next Sewing Projects

I have been without a sewing machine for a few weeks now. A friend just offered to loan me her machine, so I am getting excited about having one to borrow for the rest of the summer! 

In this process, I'm looking at projects I could do simply so that I could actually finish them and not have more half-finished projects (which is what I was clearing out previously). 

Here are a few of the projects I've been thinking about.

A glasses case to miniature sewing kit from Tea Rose Home:

An extra-large men's shirt to a fun, casual summer skirt from Little Bit Funky

A simple, maxi skirt from Individual Rivalry:

And maybe, this styled sweatshirt-turned-sweater from DIY Project Network:

Depending on how much thickness the sewing machine I'm borrowing can do, I might also finish my scrappy purple and green quilt. It's mostly done. :) 

If you all have any favorite, quick and easy sewing project suggestions, please leave a comment!

Happy Wednesday!

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