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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Gospel Spoken Word: Grace

by Rose Shelor

Wedding supper of the Lamb
Sinner feasting with I AM.
The worthy above all other names
And the unworthy with unspeakable shame;

The bloodied and the blood-washed clean,
Wondering what this sacrifice can mean.
Me? Chief of sinners
Called to dinner

With the One who died in my place?
Who died so I can win this race?
Receive a crown I did not earn
And take up this cross so I can learn

What undeserved mercy and pardon
Can do to a heart hardened 
In sin and how redemption
Can be my resurrection

To new life, new birth, new name,
New kin, new clothes. No shame.
And more deeply, daily know
That this life is not a show,

As I am in this holy place
Not from me, but from grace.

1 comment:

Hannah said...

That is beautiful, Rose! Thanks for sharing!