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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Almost Finished In Threes Baby Cardigan

After church and a donation drive today and being outside hauling stuff in the heat for a few hours, I got to sit for a few minutes in the air conditioning, drink my favorite ginger tea, and work on knitting my In Threes Baby Cardigan. I have only a few rows left! 

The wood from the table that I took these pictures on is over two hundred years old. You can see the grooves of the old time of wood mill on the boards. And the peaches are ripening. :)

I am continuing to investigate other patterns, mainly for boys, but also something new for the girls. Here are a few of my favorites (pictures courtesy of Ravelry). 

These two sweaters are both knit from the Puerperium Cardigan from Kelly Brooker (free in the newborn size). Aren't they darling? It is a top-down constructions and it is designed to be easy to get on and off baby so that you don't have to wiggle a squirmy baby into a sweater over his head. 

The second sweater I've been seriously considering is Baby Sophisticate by Linden Heflin (free in the smallest two sizes.)Baby Sophisticate looks perfect for any little man, so I think I will definitely be making this one.  

Here is one more pattern I'm looking at, the Ribbed Baby Jacket by Debbie Bliss (free download from Ravelry). 

What are the easiest handmade things to receive or make for your babies? Favorite low-maintenance baby gifts to give? Please comment below with your go-to baby projects.

I hope you all are keeping cool in this heat. Happy Sunday!

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