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I love sharing with others what I'm busy creating, whether that's sewing, knitting, quilting, or cooking. I want to also write tutorials that help you in your own crafting. I want to cultivate a sense of community by creating a place for us to share what sparks our creativity and craftiness. To all my faithful readers, thank you, and to the newcomers, welcome! I hope to get to know you all better through this blog. 

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30 random things about me

1. I was born in the Middle East to two great expats (my dad taught ESL and my mom taught elementary school).  It is my explanation for why I am cold all the time; my body temperature is set for a desert climate. :)
2. I grew up in North Carolina.
3. I spent most of my little years running outside barefoot with my brother. Playing in the leaves or with sticks or with dress up or with beanie babies.
4. My brother and sisters are my best friends.
5. I am a Hispanic Studies major (that's my university's fancy way of saying a Spanish major). I want to be a medical translator when I finish.
6. I love rock climbing.
7. Ball games are insanely difficult for me. Volleyball, tennis, baseball, kickball, basketball. Whenever the ball comes towards me, I get this panicked look on my face and freeze. Occasionally I do hit the ball and even only a fraction of that time does in go in the direction it should go.
8. I love to read. Blogs, essays, poetry (lots of poetry), plays, novels.
9. I can't pack. I'm working on it, but it is one of the most difficult things about traveling. Love to travel, but packing, ay!
10. I was homeschooled from kindergarten through high school.
11. My mom has been totally supportive of this whole crafting thing of mine. Even to the point of shearing alpacas with me while chasing around my two year old sister.
12. I love doing laundry. It's redemptive, repetitive, and relaxing.
13. I love to write. I've been writing stories since I learned to type (which was shortly after I learned to read). I think I was four or something.
14. I am a storyteller. One of the weeks when I stayed with my grandparents when I was about eight, my granny called my mom to ask her if she knew I talked to myself. My mom just laughed and said, yup, that's my child.
15. I spend most of my time (when I'm not at college) with little children, babysitting and nannying.
16. I feel most refreshed when I am by water in the woods (creek, swimming hole, river). I'll typically bring along a book or knitting and end up abandoning it by the side to go swimming in the icy water.
17. Pad thai is probably my favorite food. Or stir fry. Or good homemade bread.
18. I play the piano and sing. I've played a little bit of guitar. My entire family is musical, so whenever my dad's side of the family gets together, we end up singing old hymns until bedtime.
19. Abide with Me is my favorite hymn. It was written as the final prayer of Henry Francis Lyte as he was battling tuberculosis.
20. I love to go fruitpicking with my family and friends. Best time ever was in Orchard Gap, VA in a cherry orchard that was planted down the side of the mountain. We picked 60 lbs of cherries that day!
21. My favorite book of the Bible is Psalms. There is so much wisdom to be discovered and studied in it.
22. It is one of my life goals to learn Arabic.
23. I'm great at starting projects.
24. I'm working on only starting projects that I can finish in a reasonable amount of time.
25. Homemade cherry ice cream is the best!
26. I am probably going to be the shortest one of my siblings. My younger sister is almost taller than me and still growing.
27. I'm 5'2".
28. I tried to learn to drive stick shift. Once. I had just gotten my permit and we were on vacation visiting family in the mountains. My dad decided I should learn. So I tried. Up a steep hill, on gravel. I almost ran into a grainary that is more than a hundred years old. Dad pulled the emergency break and the pickup konked out. I had been looking at my feet to find the pedals.
29. Sewing, knitting, crocheting, cooking, and quilting are all part of my creative I-must-make-this-myself thinking.
30. Jesus has redeemed me and totally changed my life. He gives me such joy to know that He knows the plans He has for me, plans to prosper me and not to harm me, that He will never leave me nor forsake me, and that my sin is completely paid for. I want to grow to walk more and more in a manner worthy of all He has done for me.

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Julie DaMario said...

Hi Rose!

I saw your project for the Hats for Twin Boys ( and just love that idea. I am the editor of and would love to feature your tutorial on my site with full credit to you. I've noticed you have some other great projects on your site, and I would love to link to all of your other free knitting patterns as well. I know my readers would just love them and in return would generate some nice traffic to your site. If you agree and would like us to feature your project and/or other free projects, our readers will simply click the link to your blog to get your full tutorial. It’s really that simple. Your project will look similar to this project already on my site:

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Please let me know if you would like to get started.

Thanks, and look forward to hearing from you!

Julie DaMario
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