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Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Seeking refreshment has been a big part of the past month. Being constantly tired has also become a big part of my life.

I've started reading Refresh:an experimental eBook by Hayley Morgan and Jessi Connolly and The No-Brainer Wardrobe by Hayley Morgan. Hayley blogs at The Tiny Twig and Jessi blogs at Naptime Diaries. Hayley and Jessi start with the basis of finding our refreshment in Christ and focusing our lives around Him.

Focusing on finding contentment in the place and stage that Jesus has called us to. Not rushing the difficult moments for the grass-is-greener-later-on mentality. Abiding in Christ.

But, thankfully, Hayley and Jessi are both very realistic women. They recognize that finding patience and pep every day isn't reality. We need to find our first Well of Life in Jesus and learn to use refreshment in practical ways: cleaning a messy closet, taking a nap (my favorite), and refresh daily rhythms, among others.

So this blog post won't be about crafts, because I haven't done a lot of sewing and haven't knit in months. This blog post is about what my life has been like since I got home from school. Living life, gardening, attempting to learn volleyball, nannying two precious little people, cooking, baking, and unpacking. And me trying to find refreshment in all of it. 

Taking my sisters to piano lessons:

Reading in light-filled windows with flowers:

Planting flowers in the garden boxes:

Playing with my two favorite little people, Coen and Norah (nannying kids, not mine): (Their amazingly creative and sweet mom, Ash blogs at love. lulu

Admiring the hydrangeas in my mom's garden:

Sewing a baby tunic:

So this summer, instead of waiting around for blog-worthy moments, I'm going to simply blog about my life and my journey to find refreshment in Christ during tiring, always-ready-to-nap days.

Have a lovely day!

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