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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

DownTown Knits

Last Saturday I visited another local yarn shop in Apex, NC called DownTown Knits.

The owner, Michele, has arranged the shop to have a spacious sit and knit area with lots of room for the knitters that gather on Friday for Knit Night.

I've enjoyed her variety of hand-dyed, natural fiber, locally produced, and designer yarns. I had never knit with Malabrigo or Manos before coming to her shop, and I now quite enjoy them.

I really like the knitting bag above: Keep Calm and Carry Yarn. The table above also features DTK's own line of yarn, Gather, a beautiful hand-dyed merino wool.

Michele has creatively grouped yarn, knitting bags, and knitted samples together throughout the shop.

There is a scarf-tree in the front window with several lovely, ruffled, variegated scarves.

Michele has a great baby knitting section complete with machine washable yarn, baby knitting books, like Itty-Bitty Nursery, shop samples of baby garments, and even a few baby hats and booties for sale.

I have really enjoyed admiring and gaining inspiration from the hat table. I think I might even venture to try entrelac (the hat pictured just above with the sunflower-like pattern) for this adorable tam.

I purchased Manos Maxima, a fair trade, kettle-dyed merino wool. Because East Carolina University's colors are purple and gold, I knew I would have to get this skein. I thought it would be fitting to knit a little scarflette, like the one in this post, to go with my purple dress for the fall. 

Please visit Michele's website at! Happy Knitting!

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