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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Craft Progress

I have been extremely busy with my new life at university. I have finished the third Piney Warmth Hat, but I haven't had time to photograph it. I am still making progress on my Union Long Beanie. Now that I'm in school, I don't think I will have time to make another fingering weight hat. DK or heavier will have to be my new normal. Without feeling progress, I'm not excited to pick it up, and when given the option, I'm choosing sleep over knitting.

I am now working on the decreases for the Union Long Beanie. After the decreases, I'll knit a button tab, add a cute button, and be finished! However, I doubt it will be finished in the next day or two with my class schedule. Do you have any modifications to your crafting schedule when school starts back? Any favorite "during crunch time" projects so your creativity doesn't wither?

Please comment!


Simple Simon & Co said...

I have such fond memories of my grandma knitting and still have some of the sweaters she knit for me as a girl....

I wish I'd learned such a beautiful skill. Maybe someday?

Elizabeth Ehresman said...

Well, school doesn't start back for me (and I'm a sewer, not a knitter :) but I think perhaps it would be the same mentality of trying to find time to finish projects with 2 wee girls running around. At first it frustrated me that I couldn't find time to sit down and sew a gift or make something for the house. Then I began to realize that it's a different kind of "time." If I wait for that large chunk of time to work on something it will never come. I had to switch my mentality from accomplishing a lot at once to a little bit each day. The trick, I've found, is 1. having it easily accesible (If I have to pull it all back and and set it up again it doesn't work) and 2. working on it at least every other day for 15 minutes. Even getting 1 seam done counted towards progress. If I have to put something away and get it back out again it never happens. It also takes planning ahead since things take much longer to finish. At first I didn't like having things take so long but I've come to terms with this method. It's fun to be able to still make things with my limited amount of time. Glad to hear you are settling in well! Elizabeth