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Monday, December 19, 2011

Gift knits

I was trying to make up the increases for a top down hat. As I knit, I realized my proportions were horribly wrong. I cast off, wanting to know what exactly it looked like. It immediately looked like a flower. I knew I had to knit a headband for it. It’s little big for a normal-sized headband, but I made a wide headband and sewed it on securely so it shouldn’t flop around. Also, this isn’t so much a headband as a head-warmer or ear-warmer. I made it to fit the flower. This is made from the same yarn as the XO’s hat and will be given to the same sister for Christmas. 
I knit the headband from Capra, and absolutely love it! It’s so gloriously soft. I really need to get some more. It’s truly the best cashmere/merino blend I could dream of purchasing. The others, well, they’re just out of my price range.
These photos (with the brick background) were taken in downtown Cary, with my amazing photography friend, Emma. Her photography business is here:!

I knit this little baby cap from tiny balls of DK and worsted weight wool, mostly merino wool from Knit Picks. This was a very satisfying quick little knit. I’ll have to wait to see what genders my friends’ babies are. None of them are finding out so I’m just filling up my “give-away” box with boy and girl gifts. I realized I had a real dearth of boy gifts, so this is to fill that need.
I gave it to a knitting friend at church for her newborn son. I didn’t think a non-knitter, non-fiber person could remember or appreciate a gentle, hand-wash baby item. I should get lessons from this knitter, though. Her own hand knits for her baby are stunning: beautiful stitch work and tiny, tiny stitches, too! 

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