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Monday, December 19, 2011

Free-form embroidered hat

I knit and designed this hat with miniature, mock-cables, in order to give the fabric some elasticity and texture. I wanted to have a sturdy, structured fabric to embroider the flowers and sew buttons. I used Marble by James C. Brett (100% acrylic that has the look of a handspun yarn). I purchased this yarn at Great Yarns in Raleigh. Here’s a link to their website: I love their shop, though many of the yarns are out of my price range. I especially enjoy getting inspiration from other knitters, and they have a wonderful, old table in the center of the shop for knitters to sit around, chat, and give help for knitting projects. 
I had fun using bits and bobs leftover from other projects to embroider flowers. I used Koigu’s Premium Painter’s Palette (a smoky, heathered purple) for the purple flowers, and Shadow from Knit Picks (Pink Posy) for the pink flowers. I had a grand time experimenting and doing some free-form embroidery. For some of the flower centers, I used buttons in my stash, and for others, I made French knots. This also was a growing experience for me as a knitter: I had no pattern, and there was no “right” or “wrong” way for me to embroider my flowers. I wanted the project to be balanced, but not stiflingly ordered.


Brea J. said...

Oh my goodness! This hat is beautiful!! Great job on the embroidery ^-^

Brenna said...

I want one in red. :D They are fantastic. Thanks! You can send it through Emma (I'll pay through Emma too... how much are they?)