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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Knitted Toys (and all the joys of knitting for children)

I have completely finished another bunny from my treasured copy of “Last Minute Knitted Gifts” and had my adorable neighbor model for me. I was chatting with her dad in the street about snapping some pictures of his little one with the rabbit (and whether she would mind giving it up) when she spotted it and came running over. She played with it for about two minutes while I took pictures rather quickly. She then dropped the bunny in the leaves and returned to her trike. The last picture is actually just after I handed her the bunny. She’s running away with it. :)

I have two wrap-me-up puppies (Itty-Bitty Toys) in the makings. Two bodies finished are finished. I still have to work up the gumption to knit all those fiddly arms and legs on four double pointed needles.

Below are the Christmas gifts from two years ago that were for my sisters. They have been almost loved to death. Bunny (Sister 1 calls her Baby) got flattened from being slept with every night and her ears and kerchief were felted. When my sister cried, she would cry on her rabbit and rub the ears as she fell asleep. I never thought my sister could actually felt something with tears and affection, but she has!

Bear has been equally loved and thus, pilled. However, I’m so happy that someone loved this critters enough to wear them out.

Knitting Notes: I would not do the limbs flat and seam them again. It’s too much work. Next time I’ll work the limbs on double pointed needles. I used the Palette held double and the Shadow (for the inner bunny ears) held triple. I used the Fisherman’s Wool for Bear. Definitely not as soft as Bunny.

The last picture is of all my knitted animals (all right, all but one) that I have made. The other (a wrap-me-up puppy) was given to a neighbor's baby (the baby posing with the bunny in the first pictures), and, I am told,  was equally loved. Children, it seems, when they love things, love with abandon. Remember those blankets and stuffed animals that went everywhere? That get loved until they have holes, and even when it is beyond recognition, is still toted around forever? Although I like my knitted gifts to remain in nice condition, I would much prefer that the child actually plays with the toy that just looks at it sitting on a nursery shelf. Even if it gets holes, and pills, and felts, it was well worth making the creature to be so well loved.

What are your favorite items to knit for children? Toys? Hats? Something else?

Happy Knitting!

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