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Friday, November 11, 2011

Cupcake Beret

I found Alice Starmore’s book about Aran knitting at the library. This is such a beautiful book, filled with complex sweaters and some of the history behind the Aran knitting history. I used the stitch dictionary in the beginning of the book to make this hat. I used a plait and a honeycomb cable stitch. I’m going to write up this pattern shortly.

I originally designed this to fit a 10 year old girl, but I guess my math was off. I realized that I need to have many, many more stitches than a normal hat in order to have the “poof” of a cupcake beret. It’s perfect for a 2 year old. I added the I-cord knot at the top to finish off the quaint “little girl” look to it. It really looks like a cupcake.

I used a soft acrylic yarn called “Marble” that I purchased from my local yarn store, Great Yarns (in Raleigh), that slowly transitions between pinks, purples, and white plied with another gray ply. This two-ply yarn has the look of a hand-spun.

Happy Knitting!

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