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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Signs of Spring and Poetry

When spring begins to come, I always have this great expectancy for the daffodils. The daffodils and snowdrops in my garden are primarily from my paternal great-grandmother’ and my maternal grandmother’s gardens. Both women had incredible gardens, always bursting with life when the weather began to warm. The daffodil bulbs we got from my great-grandmother’s garden, we dug up from her garden which has been abandoned and free to spread rampantly for the past decade or so. I’m so grateful to have that connection with both these women in my garden. 
I wrote these haikus in response to my slowly awakening garden. The pictures were taken in my garden this afternoon. March probably is my favorite month of the year.

Leaf unfolds, bursts open,
Breaks its seal, feels the sun rays
Fresh wet dirt and rain bring spring.

Warm sunshine tingles
Through icy boughs thawing for
Fresh life and blossoms.

Yellow daffodil,
Herald of resurrection
Dancing in new hope.

A craft update: I am still busy crocheting baby hats to donate at Rex Hospital. I will post pictures of them when I finish this bunch and find ribbons for the girls' hats. In the meantime, I hope to get to take a nature walk in my local park. Happy Spring!

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