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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Projects

I have almost finished another collection of hats for Rex Hospital. I only have to weave in a few ends and find ribbons for the drawstring hats, like the ones I did last time. I decided to do this photo shoot outside in the beautiful, budding garden. The red buds and dogwoods are some of the most faithful heralds of spring every year on my street. What more fitting place than a garden in spring to take pictures of baby hats, which will cover the heads of infants who will each have a unique role to fill?

I also have been delving into my other crafts, primarily sewing, in the past few weeks. I am working on a spring dress made out of 100% cotton. It is a lovely coral and pink floral, rather fitting for spring. 
As I still have to finish the armhole binding, hem the edge, and finish tailoring the dress, pictures of me wearing the garment will be shown later. Below are a few pictures of the fabric. A friend of mine made a purse from the exact same fabric. Having only one JoAnne’s in our area makes it not uncommon for duplicates, but that will be fun. I’m only hoping that once I finish, my dress will look as professionally crafted as my friend’s. 

For sewing details, it is a pattern from Elegant Stitches, a cute and creative shop in Cary. When I saw the pattern, I thought it looked absolutely perfect. However, I have so altered the dress in order to make it actually fit me, I don't know that I would be able to reproduce another one of these dresses. This is partially my fault, because I chose to go with the larger size when I was in between sizes. Hence, I have learned how to sew darts. Because of my alterations, the neckline won't be perfect. That bothers me (though I'm almost sure no one but a seamstress would notice), so I'm already planning a project to sew a light-weight scarf with it in one of the corals or pinks from the fabric. This may prove more difficult than expensive; pinks can be so difficult to match.

What are your spring projects? Are there certain crafts you tend to do more of in the spring? 
Happy Spring and Happy Crafting!

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