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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Baby Hats for Donation

You all are probably wondering where I disappeared to for the past month. I apologize for the long silence. I’ve been busy with college interviews and preparing for them. Now that the first series finished, I’ll have a little time to blog again.
I have been crocheting baby hats for Rex Hospital in the past month and a half. I have gotten such joy by crocheting something, not just for someone else, but for someone I’ve probably never met. I hope these hats are part of wonderful new baby experiences for everyone involved, baby, mom, dad, and extended families. 
I still remember as a volunteer having eager grandparents pressed to the glass of the nursery trying to figure out which blanketed baby was their’s. The “big” brothers and sisters were always so eager to come help dad pick up the baby and push the crib confidently down the hall. 
Rex Hospital needs to receive more hand-knit and -crocheted baby caps in order to give each new baby a hand-made hat. It means so much to the mothers. If you knit or crochet, and would be willing to make a cap for a baby and need more information or patterns, please just send me an email. My email can be accessed through my profile as a blogger.

My favorite hats are the pink and yellow caps with tiny flowers. Plain baby caps just didn’t cut it for me. Besides, I hope some mothers treasure these on her little lady or gentlemen.

If you have received a baby cap after the birth of your baby, please leave a comment and let me know about it. 


Brea J. said...

These are adorable! I made baby hats for donation once, although I'll admit, they weren't quite as fancy as yours! Doesn't it make you excited to think someone might treasure something you make, maybe even pass it down to their children? That thought has always brought me a great amount of happiness :) Your hats are lovely ^v^


cabbage rose said...

Your hats are lovely! My son was born at Rex Hospital 25 years ago! I didn't receive a handmade hat, but I would have loved to. I am certain that the hats you make will be treasured by all who receive them. :)