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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

second finished baby sophisticate

I finished the second baby sophisticate. It takes gumption to get going and actually finish a second sweater. This is why most knitting projects are left abandoned in knitting bags and baskets in attics and closets with one mitten, one sock, or if knitting an adult sweater, if you make it through the back, it gets abandoned in disgust somewhere during the second sleeve. 

But I did it! I conquered the "second" syndrome. And it's adorable.

It's tiny, so it will definitely be for a newborn, but it's cute. 

And the buttons match perfectly.

And, quick side note, I hadn't purchased enough buttons (I was short just one button), so I called the yarn shop, hoping that they still had it. I felt slightly ridiculous, calling someone, asking them "do you still have a half-inch button, it's kinda gray-blue, with an orange stitched border? It has two holes." And they had it!

So I drove back to Apex to DownTown Knits, and Michelle had the button waiting for me at the front. And it was exactly the one I needed to match the other three I already had. So over last weekend, when my family celebrated Christmas early with my grandparents, cousins, and aunt, I sewed in all those annoying tails and sewed on my buttons. 

Happy Christmas!

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