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Friday, December 27, 2013

gift yarn

Buying Christmas gifts can be hard. What on earth does this person want? What will not be shoved guiltily into a closet to collect dust? What will I probably forget about so that I don't feel bad that my gift was relegated to the closet? 

Buying yarn for knitters is also hard. 

It's like buying lingerie for a friend. Which, in fact, I did receive this year. My lovely roommate introduced me to the world of lace panties this Christmas. 

So for several Christmases, I have received no yarn. Although it's something I will definitely love and use, most of my family has shied away from that gift. 

Until now. 

My grandmother gave me a lovely wrapped box. When I unwrapped it,  the box says "Holiday Bless This Home Tray." I thought I had a new serving tray for the apartment that I'm going to get next July. But when I opened it, I was amazed to see seven gorgeous balls of Willow yarns, which I have not used before. 

And the dreaming begins. What will I make? I have so much of this color-shifting yarn, which, by the way, is machine washable. :) I have four balls of a dusty, desert rose color way and three of a blue, green, purple color way. I'm thinking of a circular vest that spirals outwards. 

Any suggestions? What are the best gifts you gave this year? Do you give your knitting friends yarn or yarn related goodies?

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