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Friday, August 8, 2014

Cafe coffee baby sweater

Yesterday I finally unpacked and organized my yarn. I decided I really wanted to make a top-down raglan baby pullover. I wanted it to have stripes. I only had two yarns that were the same weight, so I decided to take the plunge and stripe beige and gray. As I worked on it today in the library, I was pleasantly surprised about how everything was coming together. I made a mistake with the increasing for the sleeves, so I just redesigned them. Also, for being a fingering weight yarn, this project has gone by very quickly. When I finish it, I'll post an outline of my pattern with a link to the original I based it off of for reference. :)

For whatever reason, this sweater reminds me of quiet afternoons in a cafe drinking coffee. Maybe it's the warmth of the beige from the wood floors and the cool gray of the metal stools. 

The contrast of the beige and gray has made the gray look like a dusty blue. It really shows how color context changes how we perceive the warmth or coolness of a color. Do you have any favorite baby projects or gifts?

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Jamie W. said...

I know this post is somewhat older, but I thought I'd answer your question. :-) I used a pattern from the Internet to make a crochet doll once for a little girl about one year old. I substituted applique felt eyes for the bead eyes the pattern called for, for safety purposes, but it ended up looking cuter as well! I sewed the limbs on extra firmly, and I tacked down the hair in a couple of extra places. I wonder if the doll's still in one piece. :-)