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Monday, November 18, 2013

grateful. being still.

This fall has been quite a whirlwind. It is difficult to believe that there are only nine more days of classes, and then finals, and then Christmas break. 

Jesus has done amazing things this semester. I have been so blessed to live with my wonderful roommate, to learn more in my classes, to get to know new friends, deepen older friendships. 

I went camping over fall break at Hanging Rock with my friend, Brittany. It was my first camping trip without my family. We went hiking at Window Falls. Actually, we hiked down the trail, got into the creek, and climbed up the rocks in the waterfall. That night, we went and stared at the stars and talked for hours and listened to the wild dogs howling. We woke up in the middle of the night in a huge thunderstorm. I woke up pretty wet, and it continued to rain that day. Since I didn't have proper rain gear, we headed to Old Salem for the day to walk around. 

I have carved pumpkins with some of my best friends. Actually, I gutted their pumpkins and roasted the pumpkin seeds. 

I have gone for several beautiful, autumn walks with great friends on the greenway.

I am currently reading "Having a Mary Heat in a Martha World" by Joanna Weaver. It has been such a blessing and very eye-opening. My favorite quote from this book is 

"We live in the constant tension between 
the urgent and the important."

I'm surrounded by so many things that are urgent, but only one thing is truly important: seeking Christ in all things and knowing Him more deeply.  

So through this crazy, hectic, head-spinning semester, there have been amazing moments of being still before the Lord. And while the world is still flying at breakneck speed (and I am, too), I'm learning to keep the quiet, still peace of Jesus about me. I was forced to be still last week and the week before because I keep getting sick. And while that has been stressful on one level (seeing the work piling up and being incapable of doing it), I'm learning to rest when I'm supposed to rest. 

I'm so grateful for this semester. For what Jesus has taught me through it. For what I've learned. For the friendships that are so amazing. For a wonderful small group of girls seeking to learn more about Jesus. For interesting research projects. For vibrant colors of fall. 

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